We have delivered more than 1,000 plants to satisfied customers across the world.
With many years of experience in the industry, we are today proud to be the best in the development and production of biomass combustion plants.


Over the 30 years Jarnforsen is one of the companies in the field of biomass burning boiler house plantconstruction. The list of references includes more than 1000 buildings where our team has been integrated from development, designs, procures, builds and after-sales services. We  actively cooperates in the development of technologies in the field of energy conversion. Jarnforsen goal is to increase the use of renewable sources of energy.


We see the desires of each customer as a challenge, regardless of whether they want design and execution of new energy buildings or reconstruction of existing ones. Our experts with many years of experience and numerous references adapt to each individual investor and together find the most suitable solution.
By using natural sources of waste we wish to be environmentally friendly. Wood biomass represents, as an alternative to fossil fuels, better care for the forests. By producing wood biomass from low-quality wood, forest waste and specially produced wood or scrap wood left over at the maintenance of parks we ensure an environmentally friendly combustion which is made possible by our modern, highly efficient devices.


Biomass, especially wood, is a promising renewable source of energy due to its abundance and economic justification. With oil prices on the world market increasing, wood biomass is becoming a viable alternative to fossil fuels because it can replace them as the source of heating energy and it can also be used for the production of technological steam and the co-production of electricity.

Our customers are sawmills and other wood processing industries, the paper and cellulose industry, municipalities and energy suppliers. In recent years the supply of combustion plants to the industry for pellet production and CHP has become an increasingly important part of our business.